Leonardo launches the third group of key suppliers to its ELITE Leonardo Lounge

Rome  10 December 2020 11:48

  • An additional 23 new companies are now participating in the ELITE Leonardo Lounge.  There are now a total of 67 key Leonardo suppliers on the ELITE programme, these companies now have access to exclusive initiatives in line with Leonardo’s supply chain

The third group of companies have now joined the “ELITE Leonardo Lounge”. The environment is reserved for high-potential companies from Leonardo’s supply chain developed by ELITE and enriched by content and services for Leonardo’s suppliers.
With the addition of the 23 new entries, the number of Leonardo’s key suppliers to the ELITE programme rises to 67. The companies included in the ELITE Leonardo Lounge come from 13 different regions, with a combined revenue of 1.3 billion euros and over 7,500 employees.
We are extremely pleased to have launched the third group of 23 key suppliers to the ELITE Leonardo Lounge: this is a further step forward in the creation of a more competitive, integrated, innovative and resilient industrial eco-system. This is the sustainable development model which we are offering to our best suppliers with the LEAP2020 programme”, underlines Giacinto Carullo, Leonardo’s Chief Procurement & Supply Chain Officer.
The ELITE Leonardo Lounge model was developed in co-design to meet the specific needs of the high-potential companies in the Leonardo supply chain. It allows suppliers, within the programme, to structure their resilience, growth and internationalisation plans that require high levels of transversal skills, especially in terms of managerial skills and internal organisational structure.
The initiative is part of the optimisation and strengthening process of the supply chain that Leonardo launched in 2018 with the Leonardo Empowering Advanced Partnership (LEAP2020) programme in line with the objectives of the Company’s Business Plan. The purpose of LEAP2020 is to make suppliers in some high-impact categories more solid and sustainable, to their own qualitative and dimensional growth, and to grow a selected pool of partners more integrated into Leonardo’s production ecosystem. It also supports the partners in the ability to innovate and compete on international markets, consolidating poles of excellence on certain technologies.


Notes to Editors
Leonardo and ELITE signed, in February 2019, a partnership for the sustainable growth of Leonardo’s high potential suppliers. 
ELITE is the private market of the London Stock Exchange Group’s that links enterprises to different capital sources to accelerate their growth. The partnership with Leonardo, the first of ELITE with an industrial company, has contributed to the creation of the “ELITE Leonardo Lounge”: a dedicated environment thought to meet the needs of Leonardo’s supply chain companies through a path designed to support their growth in a dedicated and sustainable way. Thanks to an integrated collaboration model, ELITE has made available to companies belonging to the “ELITE Leonardo Lounge” an international training and mentorship programme to support the managerial, strategic, and governance growth of enterprises and encourage access to capital sources to further boost their own growth.