Mathematics is child's play

Touch mathematics first-hand and experience what it is like to be inside a virtual wind tunnel. This is just one of the infinite number of possibilities offered by i.lab Matematica, which was founded in 2017 through the partnership between Leonardo and the Museum of Science and Technology of Milan.

In 2019, over 10,000 visitors  (students, families and teachers) were drawn to the i.lab, a permanent space inside the museum where visitors experiment with maths.

Inside the i.lab, it is possible to experiment with fluid dynamics and mathematical models applied to flight, activities developed through simulation software built by the Politecnico di Milano that enables visitors to immerse their image in a fluid. Guests can also experiment with chaos, using a 3D pen to build three-dimensional geometric models, and follow real-time images of participants captured by a video camera.

Leonardo and the Science and Technology Museum stand side-by-side on this project and have a common goal: to bring the public, especially the young and very young, closer to mathematics, which is the basis of all STEM activities. This initiative takes an innovative, playful and informal approach to education to develop the skills of the 21st century, demonstrating, day after day, that mathematics is child's play and is available to everyone.

Information on how to participate in the i.lab is available on the Museum of Science and Technology of Milan website.

Let's learn about the i.lab Matematica together

Bring the public closer to maths in order to develop the skills of the future: this is our goal