Politecnico di Milano

Gabriele Roggi
Ph.D. Student
Marco Lovera
Matteo Matteucci
Mattia Giurato
Salvatore Meraglia

Gabriele is part of the Department of Aerospace Sciences and Technologies of the Politecnico di Milano, he graduated in Aeronautical Engineering and during the thesis he dealt with the guidance of a multirotor drone through vision.

During the lockdown period, the team focused on the development of a simulator managing to faithfully replicate the competition environment, while the next steps will see the development of a localization algorithm focusing in particular on motion planning and collision avoidance.




  • The development of autonomous GNC capabilities for UAVs is a technical hurdle to be overcome to enable a number of civil and military applications involving, indoor operation in partially or fully unknown environments. A significant amount of work has been carried out in the past years in the mobile robotics community. Achieving similar goals on aerial vehicles, however, poses new scientific and technological challenges, chiefly the development of systematic engineering design methods and tools for on-board autonomy functions.




  • The integration of many methods and techniques including vision and vision-based navigation, visual/inertial integration, autonomous planning and re-planning with constraints, learning methods both for navigation and planning;
  • Theoretical and experimental approaches for the study of novel autonomous functions;
  • Hardware/software integration aspects in view of aerial application;
  • Verification and validation technologies for autonomy (a significant methodological challenge) through the deployment of systematic methods for the design of realistic benchmark scenarios.