Autonomous Technologies

Smart autonomous systems are devices that collect, aggregate and analyse data to enable independent decision-making and operation. These include communications and datalink technologies designed to have a high resistance to detection, jamming (noise and interference in radio transmissions) and spoofing (computer attacks using fake identities in various ways). Technologies also include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced sensors enabling system autonomy and operational capability; and onboard high-speed computing, which allows system automation and autonomy through specific computational functions.

The automation and autonomy capabilities of a system are determined by its technical and physical features (dimensions, weight, power and consumption) and require a high-precision navigation system capable of operating with minimum degradation, in areas where Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are not available, or worse, in situations involving spoofing or cyber-attacks.

This research area focuses on the study and implementation of:

  • Swarm drone operations
  • Manned/uncrewed teaming and interoperability operations across different operational scenarios (uncrewed operation, decision-making autonomy, interoperability, autonomous health monitoring)
  • A multi-collaborative, AI-driven robotic framework that enables mobile manipulators to collaborate effectively and meet advanced dexterity and flexibility requirements in different situations/environments
  • Shared-intelligence remote operation technologies, merging human decision-making with a robot’s dexterous/powerful manipulation and locomotion capability to perform highly challenging and skilful remote interaction tasks
  • New concepts of reliable modular robotics, reusing hardware to perform multiple functions in the field of smart autonomous systems for applications in space and extreme land environments. 

The Leonardo Labs tasked with developing skills in the field of uncrewed systems and robotics across all business areas are: