Webinar Flight Safety Solutions “The new Flight Control Computer architecture”

03 February 2022

The Flight Control Computer (FCC) is a technological solution for management of one of an aircraft’s most critical functions, its flight control system.

This seminar will take an in-depth look at the potential and functioning of these systems in a variety of operational contexts and at Leonardo’s new multiplatform flight control architecture, which may be integrated with all kinds of civil and military aircraft and helicopters. It can even be used on unmanned systems, such as the Falco Xplorer, Leonardo’s largest drone, with an autonomy of 24 hours in flight and a cargo capacity of up to 350 kg. 

The new Flight Control Computer architecture based on a proprietary system guarantees compliance with the strictest flight safety requirements. It also minimises the cost of integration on various platforms with a high degree of modularity and a pre-validated infrastructure.


8 February at 10:00 am



9 February at 3:00 pm



Contact: Andrea Sannibale, Sales and Partnerships manager, Divisione Elettronica, Leonardo andrea.sannibale@leonardo.com