Aircraft Pilot Tour: discovering the Aermacchi M-346 together

03 February 2021

Giacomo Iannelli, Project Test Pilot at Leonardo's Aircraft Division, talks to us about the M-346, Leonardo’s jet aircraft for advanced and pre-operational training, with main features such as performance, advanced avionics, integrated simulation systems, and comparison with competitors, described as never before!

Leonardo is offering the market an unrivalled training solution for pilots of the most advanced front-line aircraft, next-generation or otherwise, with the M-345 covering the primary and basic phases of the training syllabus, and the M-346 the advanced and pre-operational phases (Lead-In to Fighter Training - LIFT).

The M-346 lies at the centre of a state-of-the-art integrated training system that includes cutting-edge flight simulators, ground-based training systems and complete management of the training syllabus, bringing pilots to an unprecedented final level of preparation. Combined with a reduced number of flying hours needed to qualify using front-line aircraft, training is delivered with significantly lower costs.

The aircraft is also at the centre of the training system offered by the International Flight Training School (IFTS) based in Lecce, set up by the Italian Air Force in collaboration with Leonardo to train military pilots tasked with flying new generation aircraft.

In our new video, Captain Giacomo Iannelli takes us inside the cockpit of the M-346, in service with some of the most demanding air forces in the world, including the Italian Air Force, bringing to life the main characteristics of a highly successful advanced jet trainer.