Digital Twins explained to young people

07 October 2022

CTIO of Leonardo, Franco Ongaro, explains one of the most advanced frontiers in modern technology

The digital twin is one of the most innovative and important digital transformation technologies of our times. In an information video, Giuseppe Di Franco, CEO of Atos Italia, discusses the issue with students of all ages and, in the role of expert, also with Leonardo’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Franco Ongaro, about the prospects for using the technology and the new frontiers of digital reality.

A virtual world, which is constantly interfacing with the real world through the processing of enormous amounts of data, is based on mutual learning. One of the most fascinating aspects of the Digital Twin is the ability to go from the infinitely minute (the cell) to the infinitely immense (the world).

Ongaro takes a look at the projects that have been designed to create digital replicas of the Earth system, emphasising how this data, which is primarily collected by satellites, now allows us to monitor and gather valuable information on various phenomena, such as energy exchange, climate change and the health of plant life. Ongaro then moves on to the technology’s impact on industry, pointing out that one of the biggest challenges is designing through the Digital Twin. One of the most striking examples, particularly in the aerospace sector, is the ability to test a completely virtual aircraft, a model that could even be adapted to improve the virtual design of the factory where it will be built.

This video story introduces one of the most pioneering virtual reality technologies, for which the new generation will not require a user manual.