Knowledge: the basis of protection

14 May 2020

The route to strengthening cyber security of companies, institutions and organisations starts from a deep knowledge of the threats themselves, the scenarios in which these threats are placed, and the actors involved.

Leonardo’s Cyber Security division aims to increase awareness of this critical ever-evolving issue by publishing a series of in-depth technical studies on the most threatening malware (malicious software developed to damage IT security) currently circulating.

The first study concerns the "Penquin" malware attributed to Turla APT, a probable state matrix group, operating for several years, whose latest developments were identified in April 2020.

The study presents a review of "Penquin" and its key features, an estimate of the origin of the latest version "Penquin_x64", and a detailed study on what its main technical characteristics are. The purpose is to allow security officers and system administrators to implement appropriate cyber defence policies.

Download the document Malware Technical Insight: TURLA “Penquin_x64

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