La Notizia focuses on the role of new sustainability technologies

02 February 2023

The journal focuses on the contribution of new sustainable technologies and in particular on the new Leonardo Labs research area, developed to meet the main environmental challenges of our day

“Leonardo focuses on research for an increasingly green future.” This is the title of the lengthy La Notizia article dedicated to the establishment of a new Leonardo Labs research area devoted to 4 vertical sustainability issues: decarbonisation, circularity, environmental impact reduction, and sustainability-enabling technologies.

The Leonardo Labs have thus broadened their scope to explore the potential of new technologies aimed at achieving a sustainable transition.  Research areas include “green coding”, with new algorithms optimised to improve computational efficiency and power consumption, and therefore to reduce related CO2 emissions, and “green computing”, enabling high performance computing (HPC) systems to work on improving energy efficiency, the development of higher-performing cooling systems, and the reuse of heat produced.

Other topics covered by the article include research on advanced aeronautical materials with a decisive impact in the company's circular approach, and Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and their contribution to the decarbonisation of air transport, assessing their applications and increasingly adapting them to Leonardo’s product portfolio with a view to obtaining approval for use of SAF in blends of more than 50% with conventional jet fuel. Finally, further insights are provided into solutions to environmental issues such as water stress, biodiversity, and digital measures for improving the efficiency of public transport in urban areas, based on satellite data analysis.