Leonardo on board HMS Prince of Wales

09 March 2020

Leonardo’s Merlin Mk 2 (submarine hunter), Merlin Mk4 (Commando Merlin) and Wildcat Helicopters drew in the crowds in Liverpool at the weekend, where they took centre stage on-board the HMS Prince of Wales which was opened to the public for the first time. The event was organised by UKNEST (UK Naval Engineering Science & Technology) Forum of which our Company is a member. 

There was an excellent attendance from schools and members of the armed forces, and our Company’s STEM Ambassadors hosted young groups as well as senior Navy Staff to ensure a fun and educative experience on deck and in the carrier’s gigantic hanger where alongside our helicopters, highlights included 3D demonstrations of our helicopters as well as our electronics capabilities (Seaspray radar, BriteCloud, SAGE and SEER).

Many visitors, including the new Minister for Defence Procurement, Jeremy Quinn, learned how Leonardo provides the helicopters which protect the carriers – and how our electronics protect those helicopters and keep colleagues connected via our secure naval communications.