Plastic Free holds a day for the environment with the support of Leonardo's advanced technologies

13 April 2022

The event, part of Leonardo’s Sustainability Strategy to raise awareness on the responsible use of plastics, was held among the pine woods at Castel Fusano on the coast near Rome.  Volunteers collected litter with the help of the satellites, drones, sensors and AI algorithms of the integrated security system developed by Leonardo for the SES5G “Global Monitoring” project.

This plastic collection day was an important active citizenship event and was supported by Leonardo, a hard-working group of volunteers and an array of advanced technology: a precious ally in the fight to protect the environment. With the commitment of the Plastic Free association, Roma Capitale, volunteers from Leonardo and the general public, the special initiative took place among the pine woods at Castel Fusano on the coast near Rome, with more than 1.520 kg of waste collected in total, contributing towards the 293,725 kg of waste gathered throughout Italy as a result of the 281 events forming part of Plastic Free’s fourth National Clean-up.

In line with the Group's commitment to raise sustainability awareness among its employees, the initiative was just one of many activities within the company's Sustainability Plan to support environmental protection and the circular economy. It was also part of a broader effort to promote and strengthen joint action to achieve the UN’s Agenda 2030 goals.



The waste collection operations were supported by the Leonardo integrated safety system developed for the SES5G project. Co-financed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Italian Space Agency (ASI), SES5G - Secure Environment supervisor empowered by Satellite and 5G technology - is unique of its  kind in Italy. It uses information from satellites, drones and sensors, integrated with artificial intelligence systems, in a single technological platform developed by Leonardo (accessible to the various institutions involved) for the purpose of environmental protection, sustainability and security. This high-tech project, coordinated by Leonardo at the head of a consortium of technologically innovative companies (TPSferiacom, e-Geos, Radiolabs, Siralab, Epg), has for several months been helping Roma Capitale, the Litorale Romano State Nature Reserve and its forestry authorities to keep the Castel Fusano area safe in terms of public order and environmental protection.

 On Plastic Free’s day for the environment , Leonardo’s integrated system mapped the entire area to a resolution of one centimetre to direct waste collection activities towards the areas that most needed them.



This voluntary association - founded in 2019 - which promoted the initiative alongside Leonardo, has the aim of spreading information and raising awareness on the dangers of plastic products – particularly single-use plastics - and the damage they cause to the environment. Today it has a network of 1,100 representatives and 200,000 volunteers throughout Italy and is regarded as the country’s leading organisation dealing with this issue. In 2021 alone, Plastic Free helped to collect 1,500 tons of plastic, actively involving the public (including more than 32,000 children and teenagers from around 400 schools) in 1,700 events. The association is also engaged in a range of diverse projects: from beach clean-ups to turtle rescue operations, and from schools’ awareness campaigns to Plastic Free Walking and Diving events.