National Strategic Hub: browse the site to find out how Italy is renewing

11 April 2023

The site of the National Strategic Hub (Polo Strategico Nazionale - PSN), a company owned by TIM, Leonardo, CDP and Sogei, is online, created with the aim of providing the Public Administration with a secure, efficient and reliable cloud infrastructure.

The website was created to support the national administrations in the transition of their digital infrastructures to a secure Cloud, to enhance the quality of services. Leonardo, through the SOC in Chieti and the cybersecurity center in Genoa, guarantees the infrastructure continuous monitoring of threats and cyber-attacks.

The PSN is now easily accessible, allowing users to immediately understand the procedures to follow for the migrate to the new infrastructure, thanks to the site's user-friendly information architecture.

Forms and documents are available and can be downloaded online. The PSN site will be a real operational hub, with new contents and success stories to be shared in the next months.

Public Administration digitisation is among country's priority objectives to guarantee citizens and businesses new services and development opportunities. To that end, in August 2022 PSN signed with the Department for Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, an agreement to assign the design, construction and management of a national cloud infrastructure equipped with cutting-edge technologies to supply services for the Public Administration.

PSN objective is to reach the goal of enabling 75% of Italian authorities to use cloud services by 2026. The infrastructure is in line with global best practices and the national data centres (two in Lazio and two in Lombardy), managed directly by PSN, have already been certified to the highest standards available.