At Italian Tech Week, Roberto Cingolani discusses high-tech companies and the work of the future

02 October 2023

What are the skills of the future required by big high-tech companies? And what should be the educational background of those who will join the workforce in the next 10 - 15 years? Roberto Cingolani – Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Leonardo – shared his thoughts on these topics during Italian Tech Week, an event dedicated to innovation and new trends.

During the concluding session of the "First round, the best Italian startup" award, Roberto Cingolani addressed the young finalists, describing the future scenario in which high-tech companies like Leonardo will have to measure themselves and compete: a reality where the pervasive push of digitalisation will impose rapid change and execution especially on large companies, inevitably also requiring a change of pace in the education of human capital. It will be essential, Cingolani notes, to have a technical-scientific background since STEM topics are by nature more flexible in seizing the transformations taking place and can, together with a transversal and multidisciplinary approach to be learned on the field, provide the basis of future generations’ culture.

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