Female empowerment, a strategic factor for Leonardo’s sustainable growth

08 March 2024

Inspire Inclusion, the theme of International Women's Day 2024, is embodied by Leonardo through its daily commitment to promote a collaborative and inclusive work environment. Transforming every difference into an opportunity for growth through teamwork is a strategic factor for competitiveness, professional development, and innovation, all key elements for ensuring the sustainable growth of the Group.

When we inspire others to understand and value the inclusion of women, we create a better world (International Women’s Day 2024 Campaign).


A 2023 analysis by the United Nations Global Compact Network, conducted on 24,000 companies in 162 countries, involving a total of 138 million workers, found that for the same type of work, women are paid on average 20% less than men, and only 5% of CEOs worldwide are women. Furthermore, globally, only 53% of women of working age are employed, compared to 80% of men. Given this situation, it will take another 169 years to achieve economic parity in the workplace.

This data paints a picture of a world that still has a long way to go towards fully recognising women's contributions within the work context and beyond. There is a reservoir of intelligence and talent that must be harnessed for the socio-economic development of our communities.

To reach this objective, governments, businesses, and individuals must collaborate globally and act to counteract discriminatory behavior and combat gender inequalities in the workplace.

Leonardo firmly believes that Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) are not only values in themselves but also strategic factors for the competitiveness, innovation, and sustainable growth of the company. For these reasons, it promotes a culture inspiring inclusion and gender equality, where all individuals can fully express their potential.

In line with this commitment, our DE&I Policy sets the framework to raise awareness and educate across Leonardo driven through the work of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager and those championing diversity across the international business.

The policy expands on Leonardo’s Sustainability Plan which sets concrete and measurable objectives aimed at creating a work environment where every person can feel welcomed and valued.

Under 30 equal to at least 40% of total new hires


Women equal to at least 32% of total new hires

In progress**

Women equal to 30% of total new hires in STEM areas

In progress**

20% female representation at management levels

In progress**

20% female representation among all employees

In progress**

27% female representation in succession plans

In progress**


  * Target year 2022
 **Target year 2025



Leonardo has developed several initiatives to support the development and empowerment of women, involving all levels of the company organisation.

Among these is Springboard, a programme dedicated to supporting women across Leonardo that has been running since 2021. It provides them with tools for both their personal and professional lives, to gain greater self-awareness and seize networking opportunities with other female colleagues.


Springboard Conference 2024

To date, the programme has involved approximately 250 women from 10 countries, a community that gathered on February 23rd in Rome for the second annual Springboard conference, titled "Empowering you to lead your future," during which Leonardo collected testimonies from some participants on Inspire Inclusion, the guiding theme of International Women's Day 2024.


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