Leonardo: Intermountain Healthcare adds another AW109 GrandNew for EMS operations in U.S.

Atlanta, USA  06 November 2019 15:31

  • Sixth AW109 GrandNew to join Intermountain Healthcare’s expanding fleet
  • Intermountain Healthcare’s Life Flight air ambulance program is the only civilian-operated air ambulance service in the U.S. to operate an FAA-approved external load hoist rescue operation 
  • Over 390 AW109 Grand/GrandNews sold in more than 40 countries to over 240 customers  

Leonardo announced at the Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC, 4-6 November) that Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare, the largest health system in the Intermountain West, and one of the premier health systems in U.S., will add a sixth AW109 GrandNew light twin helicopter to its Intermountain Life Flight air ambulance / EMS program. Intermountain Life Flight currently operates five AW109 GrandNews and one AW109K2 light twin. Intermountain Life Flight is the only IFR EMS operator in Utah with its own low level IFR infrastructure and proprietary heliport approach procedures. 

As part of the Intermountain’s not-for-profit health system, Intermountain Life Flight makes 4,000 transports annually and operates seven bases at hospitals across the state providing specialized services including High Risk OB, Complex Cardiac Care and Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump.  As the leading air service in the Intermountain West, Intermountain Life Flight is the only civilian-operated air ambulance service in the U.S. to have an FAA-approved external load hoist rescue operation, which can be used for mountain hoist rescue operations in mild weather. Intermountain Life Flight began service on July 5, 1978 as the nation’s seventh air medical program. During the past 40 years, Intermountain Life Flight has transported more than 108,000 patients, flown over 15 million miles, and completed more than 400 hoist rescues.

Note to editors on the AW109 GrandNew
The GrandNew’s outstanding performance of in terms of speed and range, its large cabin doors for easy access, high safety standards and modern avionics make the light-twin helicopter ideal for EMS (Emergency Medical Service) missions. With a top speed of over 300 km/h and a wide and versatile cabin able to accommodate a combination of 1-2 stretchers and medical personnel, the GrandNew can reach the patient and rapidly transport them to the nearest suitable hospital. The state-of-the-art avionics includes an advanced autopilot, collision avoidance and systems to improve visibility at night or in the presence of smoke, smog and fog guaranteeing maximum flight safety and reducing the work load of the crew who can then focus on the mission. Over 390 helicopters of the Grand/GrandNew series have been ordered by more than 240 customers in over 40 countries around the world for rescue tasks, passenger transport, law enforcement, offshore transport, electronic news gathering, maritime patrol and pollution monitoring.