Leonardo with the “explorers” of all ages at the Rome Science Festival

18 November 2022

The Auditorium at Rome’s Parco della Musica hosts the seventeenth Science Festival entitled “Festival delle Scienze di Roma” Always characterised by a multidisciplinary approach, this year the Festival focuses on exploration in all its forms. Leonardo plays a prominent role, with researchers from its 11 Labs leading the way on a voyage of discovery.

The 2022 Rome Science Festival, organised by Fondazione Musica per Roma, focuses on the theme of “Exploring”, with a programme divided into five clusters: Spaces, Society, Life, Minds, Futures. The programme will involve all age ranges in experimental laboratories, conferences focusing on specific themes, meetings with researchers, and events blending art and science featuring guests who will come to Rome from all over the world to talk about exploration in all scientific fields, including research and popularisation.

Leonardo has sponsored the science festival since 2018, and will be participating in this year’s edition with the multimedia installation “explorers of the future”. The aim is to open a window onto the Leonardo Labs, a network of research and development laboratories connected with universities, polytechnic institutes, research centres and partner enterprises. Members of the public visiting the stand will be able to find out about the benefits that the results of research have to offer all of us every day, and how a constantly evolving ecosystem of innovation can be the most fertile terrain for building the future for new generations. Pierpaolo Gambini, Deputy Chairman of Leonardo - Head of Innovation &IP, will be at the Festival to participate in the event “Exploring enterprises” as a member of a panel on “The evolution of innovation” moderated by Osvaldo De Paolini (on 24 November at Teatro Studio Borgna in Auditorium Parco della Musica).

By the end of this year, the Leonardo Labs will have 136 researchers, and the aim is to increase this number to 200 in 2023. A true network of incubators for research and development, they represent the driving engine of innovation, maximising proximity with the company’s principal industrial sites and the territories it serves through a network fuelling a continuous flow of talent and guaranteeing flexibility and turnover in know-how and professional skills. A model allowing young international research fellows and PhD students from all over the world to work alongside the company’s experts and technicians.



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Joint labs
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The 11 laboratories focus on research in nine areas: AI, HPC\Cloud, Electrification, Digital Twinning & Advanced Simulation, Materials, Quantum, Unmanned & Robotics, Big Data and Optoelectronics. The Lab network also includes four joint laboratories, three of which are operated with IIT (the Italian Institute of Technology) in Genoa - focusing on high-performance computing, robotic systems for industrial use integrated with artificial intelligence, and reconfiguration of these systems with unstructured environments - and a joint laboratory with Solvay focusing on research in advanced materials.

Leonardo’s space at the Science Festival in Rome offers young visitors an opportunity to meet with research fellows from the Leonardo Labs to discuss the prospects for future research in ground-breaking technologies and submit their candidacies - directly at the Leonardo exhibition space, using the interactive tools at their disposal - for the new recruiting programme promoted by the company in certain specific areas of research: the domains of artificial intelligence, big data analytics and electrification.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, artificial intelligence has become an essential technology in all domains, of crucial importance for supporting Leonard’s products and services. In this field, Leonardo is working on the development of technologies and applications of strategic interest to the company that will make full use of the potential of artificial intelligence. 

Big data analytics

Big data analytics

The big data analytics domain works in synergy with the HPC\Cloud domain on the study of new methods for handling data extraction and display. 



Electrification of aircraft and helicopter propulsion is mandatory for the development of fixed and rotary wing aircraft meeting the increasingly strict de-carbonisation requirements of the New European Green Deal. This technology is also of essential importance for new-generation manned and unmanned platforms supplying new airborne mobility services.