Massimiliano Proietti

Research Fellow
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  • Dr Massimiliano Proietti received his Ph.D. in physics under the supervision of Prof. Alessandro Fedrizzi at the Heriot-Watt University in 2020. His technical expertise covers technologies including ultra-bright single-photon sources at telecom wavelength, single-photon detectors, polarisation-entanglement sources, multipartite entanglement and the design of photonic graph states for quantum networking and computation. He worked on topics such as quantum metrology and sensing, multi-party quantum key distribution and quantum foundations, leading to a number of high-impact publications in these areas.

    At the Leonardo Labs quantum technologies unit, Massimiliano is exploiting his expertise and background to translate lab-based experiments into quantum technologies for industries. His focus is on the fields of quantum imaging and photonic quantum computation, which have the potential to be disruptive in many areas including defence. Along with his main activities, Massimiliano is always looking for new ideas to merge quantum technologies with transversal areas such as Artificial Intelligence, covered by the other research units of the Leonardo Labs.

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