Why invest

"Our performance confirms the strength of our business in line with our expectations. We improved our backlog and confirmed our competitiveness in all business areas. Aerostructures is confirming its recovery path in line with expectations. We are implementing the digitisation of processes and products to further strengthen the competitiveness of our offer, integrating to the core our newer growth areas in Cyber and Space. We are working on the new Industrial Plan with the aim to present it with the FY 2023 results” Roberto Cingolani, CEO and GM

  • Strong performance across the Group together
    with solid 9M 2023 performance
  • Taking actions to strategically position Leonardo for future growth
  • Creating a leaner and stronger organization
  • Leveraging innovation and competitiveness in strategic products
  • 2023 guidance reconfirmed
  • New Industrial Plan to be presented alongside FY2023 results in March 2024

“The key pillars are the further strengthening and consolidation of the Core Business with a particular focus on defence products, as well as the expansion of new initiatives, with the strengthening of the fastest growing sectors, such as Space and Cybersecurity” Roberto Cingolani, CEO and GM