TG EUREKA: Leonardo celebrates young inventors

04 June 2021

The extraordinary edition of a news programme for children, live on Federmeccanica's YouTube channel on 28 May, closed the ninth edition of the ‘Eureka! Works!’ Project, the technological construction competition for young inventors which has involved 96,000 primary school children throughout Italy during the past nine years

Leonardo's participation in the project is part of the many initiatives that see the company at the forefront of promoting scientific citizenship, which is an integral part of our corporate strategy. Through partnerships with the school system and the enhancement of STEM skills towards children and young people, Leonardo intends to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030.

During ‘TG Eureka’, the project closing event, the live link of Alessio Antonini, Head of the Vergiate plant in Leonardo’s Helicopters Division, allowed the children to learn about the company and discover interesting points of reflection. Alessio’s presentation about the production cycle of helicopters – from design to methods of use – demonstrated the value of teamwork in achieving common goals, a theme taken up by children in the story of the experiences of designing and implementing their inventions.

The ‘Eureka! Works!’ project, active in Europe since 2003, was promoted in Italy at national level by Federmeccanica in agreement with the Ministry of Education and with the collaboration of numerous Confindustria Territorial Associations. The goal is to educate entrepreneurship, stimulating ingenuity and developing the interdisciplinary skills of thousands of children in the third, fourth and fifth years of elementary school.

As Federico Visentin, President of Federmeccanica, said: “‘Eureka! Works!’ has the ambition to be a first cultural training ground where, with great simplicity and naturalness, stereotypes and gender distinctions towards scientific subjects and their application are demolished.”