Viola Rossano

Research Fellow
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  • I graduated cum laude in Aerospace Engineering from the 'Federico II' University of Naples. During my academic career, I studied the issues related to computational fluid dynamics, with particular focus on the study of the motion field in transonic and hypersonic regime.

    My research activity focuses on the development of a multidisciplinary framework for models integration for a hybrid propulsion aircraft. In this way, the software capabilities will be tested and a complete A/C architecture model will be defined. The focus of the Lab I am part of is the exploration and evaluation of low TRL technological solutions to solve the main challenges associated with the development of a Digital Twin platform, based on reliable physical models, to support lifecycle phases of future A/C products.

  • Digital Twin – Future Aircraft Technologies

  • Computational Evaluation of Shock Wave Interaction with a Cylindrical Water Colum

  • CFD Prediction of Shock Wave Impacting a Cylindrical Water Column