European Defence Challenge: the call for papers aimed at young talents

14 December 2021

The second edition of the European Defence Challenge has begun. The competition is aimed at students and recent graduates from all over Europe and is part of ASSETs+, the project aimed at building and enhancing the skills of the future in the defence sector. The initiative is funded by the European Commission and involves numerous partners: universities, organisations, industry players and companies, including Leonardo.

After the success of the first edition, in which 147 students from 20 European countries challenged each other with papers, the new edition 2021-2022 is underway and will take place in two phases. The first is the submission of applications, during which you can present your idea in a short text. Proposals can relate to a new technology, a new use of an existing technology, a new combination of existing technologies, or new ideas on how to make the best use of currently available technologies.

The best proposals will be selected by a panel and will then move on to the next stage where an essay paper will be required. The three finalist teams will be announced on the ASSETs+ website and social media and will participate in the awards ceremony on 27 May 2022. 

All winners will have the opportunity to meet a representative from the Human Resources department of the project partner companies, including Leonardo.

If you are passionate about Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity, challenge other students and graduates from all over Europe and participate in the European Defence Challenge. You can participate individually, but if you have friends from different universities/faculties or countries, invite them to participate with you!

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