Leonardo joins CSR Europe to enhance its Sustainability Transformation and take the lead in the Aerospace and Defense Sector

24 November 2021

Leonardo’s commitment to sustainability is being recognized internationally, as evidenced by its confirmation for the third consecutive year at the top of the Aerospace & Defense sector of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and for the second as the Lead Company of the UN Global Compact, as well as the inclusion in the in band A of the Defence Companies Index on Anti-Corruption and Corporate Transparency (DCI) by Transparency International.

Leonardo, the Italian global company operating in the aerospace, defence, and security industry (AD&S), has joined CSR Europe – the leading European business network for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility that reaches out to more than 10,000 companies in Europe with the aim of creating synergies and building common approaches – to lead on sustainability and contribute to the development of a more sustainable business approach within the AD&S sector. Leonardo is CSR Europe’s first corporate member active in AD&S to engage, at a time when Europe is reaffirming its commitment to its own defence industry. Within CSR Europe, Leonardo will take part to several workstreams, with a special focus on sustainable finance, the European taxonomy, as well as topics related to responsible business conduct and circular economy.

As CSR Europe’s corporate member, Leonardo brings a strong experience in developing ecosystems involving suppliers in initiatives focused on digital transformation, cyber security, and social and environmental responsibility. Leonardo’s membership in the network makes it possible to support the corporate strategy and positioning in terms of sustainability, facilitate convergence, promote constructive dialogue between companies, sector associations and institutions on key issues at the heart of the sustainability strategy, overseeing key issues in a European context. 

“Becoming part of a community as CSR Europe means accelerating our path in sustainability,” states Renata Mele, Senior Vice President Sustainability of Leonardo. “Founding our action in important international recognitions, we are willing to enable a digital, green and just transition by contributing through our competencies, technologies and solutions, to build a comprehensive and systemic approach to sustainability.” 

“The systemic nature of the sustainability challenges that we face means that multi-stakeholders action is the only viable route to delivering more sustainable outcomes for more stakeholders,” says Stefan Crets, CSR Europe Executive Director. “By working together with other business leaders and multinational organisations, Leonardo will contribute to lead the sustainable transformation of an industry that was not always at the centre of our attention”.

In 2020, Leonardo adopted “Be Tomorrow – Leonardo 2030” a new  strategic approach for the next decade and the 2030 Sustainability Masterplan aimed at integrating sustainability into the company’s value chain for the development of new solutions and business models. This new long-term vision is centred on technological innovation and digitalisation capabilities to address global challenges in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal.

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