Quality Requirements for Suppliers

The QRS-01 (Quality Requirements for Suppliers) and associated modules QRS-XXX is the Quality Manual applicable to all Suppliers when referred to within a Purchase Order or Agreement, and shall be flowed-down to all Sub-tier Suppliers. The QRS-XXX Modules shall be applied at their latest revision as published below.

All Suppliers must be approved to supply articles. The Aerospace companies are expected to be certified to the EN/AS/JISQ9100 series, as applicable, and the QRS-01 contains specific Leonardo Helicopters requirements that are in addition to these standards.
The use of IAQG documents and guidelines, such as SCMH (Supply Chain Management Handbook), are recommended to supplement the application of QRS-01.

The revised QRS-01 Issue 6 and associated modules is effective immediately for new approved Suppliers and will be applicable from October 1st, 2020 to all current Suppliers.


E-learning Platform

Here you will find the link to new Supplier e-learning Platform, to be trained on QRS-01 and facilitate understanding and implementation of quality requirements.

This is a platform where LH approved suppliers and suppliers under approval can take free training on QRS-01, with final test and certificate for each QRS-XXX module.

Registration link:

Access link for already registered users:

All LH suppliers are encouraged to register and attend the training.

Check the FAQ section for additional information (purpose, how it works, who can apply and how)



QRS-01 Issue 6 and associated modules


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